Philomela meets The Verve meets Rolling Stones

My approach was to first put together a session of musical clips and thereafter decide what devices should control what parameters and functions. Music wise, this is Verve’s Bittersweet symphony, which features a beautiful 4 chord sequence that repeats througout (E – Bm7 – D – A). My mashup consists of clips by the excellent Finnish female choir Philomela, streamed from Spotify and directly into Ableton. I have warped and pitch adjusted excerpts from several of their tracks. To glue things together, I have looped Rolling Stones’ percussion intro to Sympathy for the devil throughout. I also play some improvised lead lines using a square lead sound from the core library. I ended up using LK for handheld control. I paid to unlock the matrix, faders and pads which seemed reasonably priced. My system became quite unstable when using Wifi, so I went for a USB solution. LK seems to be the only provider who supports MIDI through cable connection under Windows 10, all the others rely on Wifi. I set up a dummy track/control track and inserted some effect presets from Live’s library which seemed appropriate. Here I used the LK faders to control Motion, High pass filter, Scratch and a Master loop function. I also controlled the session entirely from LK. This required swapping between 2 views on the app, but that worked fine in this case. A more busy setup would probably require those functions distributed to 2 controllers.”

Ø. Kvinge

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