Kraftwerk re-mixed

Here is a tribute to the synth pioneers Kraftwerk. I have sampled segments from several of their tracks for the mashup. I play a 4×4 drum kit that also consist of sounds from Kraftwerk, such as mouth percussion, sound of breath, chords, and bass lines. To add more sounds, I have used online text to speech editors and recorded the spoken words in english and german. The speech is placed in the drum grid and I also feed my vocoder with speech segments, such as single words and counting. I use three controllers this time. Push shows the session view, and I use the colors to show what belongs together. I play the drums on my launchpad, using the bootom left corner. I play the modulator part of the vocoder on my Oxygen 8, and 3 rotary controllers are mapped to sends and to the chain effect selector of my drum rack. Ableton is very effective in transposing looped segments, so that I could use the bass motif of the song Metropolis and use the chord schedule ot their song Der Robot in my performance. I also converted audio to midi to have an additional bass track to duplicate the Metropolis bass motif that sounded thin when transposed to some registers.

Ø. Kvinge

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