Miles Davis tribute – a live remix

Miles left an enormous musical legacy that is exciting to explore and use for mashups since he pioneeered and invented so many styles within jazz. In this case I use material from Porgy and Bess (Davis, M., 1959), Big Fun (1974), On the Corner (1972) and Doo Bop (1992). I also sampled drum legend Mike Clark’s intro to God Made me Funky from Headhunter’s album Survival of the fittest (1975). A bass groove is sampled from the tune Chubb Subb from Medeski, Martin & Wood’s album Last Chance To Dance Trance (1999), and the last drum groove on my mashup is from MMW’s tune Coconut Bogaloo from Combustication (1998). These were mixed with elements by Miles Davis and my own live keyboard playing (strings/rhodes). There is a lot of warping and tuning of samples going on here.

I live perform on my M-Audio Oxygen and Yamaha MO06 (strings and piano) and I do some controllerism on my Launchpad. I live loop some string harmonies in both sets. I switch bettween launching scenes and individual clips to allow for some flexibility along the way. The set is fairly loosely organised, to support an improvisational approach.

Ø. Kvinge

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