I got the idea for a main song for a mix when I was driving my car and heard Daft Punk on the radio. Get Lucky makes for a good starting point since it has a single 4 chord progression that runs through the entire song. That makes it easier to blend in other tunes. And, Get Lucky features diverse sections that are good for looping. I browsed through my Billboard top 100 DVDs from 1946 – 1989 for candidates in a related key and tempo to blend in. I chose orchestral excerpts from tunes from the 50s for vocal fills and string ovelays. Then I chose 2 songs by the 70s disco group Silver Convention, (Fly Robin fly, and Get up and boogie), to cut and paste in over Get Lucky. I recorded 2 piano montunos as MIDI clips over the Get lucky progression for additional musical clips. I also have added 6 drum and percussion clips from the library to spice up the groove. I chose this time to use two controllers, Push 2 and Launchpad. The idea was to have the main musical progression in Push, and fills and overlays on Launchpad.”

Ø. Kvinge

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