Alphabet song

Since this blog will touch upon subjects such as computers, music and its appliance in school, I find it necessary to publish some audio clips which may serve as illustations of how I work. To start off, I asked my middlest son, Halvard, who is 6 1/2 to assist me.

Halvard has for a few weeks been very determined to learn to read.  Every night we spend 15-20 minutes on simple textbooks so that he may practice combining letters into words. It is fascinating to witness how many interpretations there are of single syllable, three letter words when you work at the phoneme level such as he does. I am impressed on the progress he has made in a short time, and it is very good to see how much will and effort he puts into this now that he has decided that he really wants to learn how to read.

As a tribute to his recent acheivements, I asked him to sing and record the Alphabet song. I had prepared a simple backingtrack for him in Cubase in the key of D. I have sampled the drum beat from Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean and turned it into a REX file in Cubase. An arpeggiator triggers the vintage Yamaha TX81Z and the “Lately bass” patch. The rest are plugins from my Creamware Scope collection.

Hope you enjoy his singing!


Ø. Kvinge

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