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The author of this blogWelcome to my blog on ITC in learning, with emphasis on music technology. The title is derived from the Master program I am doing of at the University college in Stord / Haugesund on the west coast of Norway. I hope this blog can become a useful platform for presenting thoughts and ideas which (hopefully) will appear throughout the 3 years of part time studies I have embarked upon, starting autumn 2008.

One purpose for having this blog, is to utilize it as a technological framework for an assignment I am working on during the autumn 2008. You can read more about the assignment under the page “Multimodal texts” above. I will publish posts related to the assignment in a separate category which is titled “Multimodal texts”.

After the submission date of the assignment, I will try to keep this blog alive. Maybe there are other students out there who are working on similar issues?


Ø. Kvinge

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