Stitched up

At the forum of the site, a user asked for inputs on the tune “Stitched up”, which Hancock released on his album “Possibilities” in 2005. I explored the tune using Wavelab and could give some feedback. The user asked spesifically for the chord in the break after the opening, which is a G13 sus. I also transcribed Hancock’s solo on the bridge section, which I typed into Finale 2010 and further exported to JPG for insertion in the posts on the thread on the page.

Below is my transcription: 

Stitched up_bridge

Ø. Kvinge


  1. Hi !
    I’m glad to find someone who transcribed the Herbie solo in ‘stitched up’. I tried to find it in the website, but it appears to be vanished 😉
    I play hammond organ, and my band and me had the idea of playing this song. So, hence my question to you: would you send me a pdf of the transcription you made? That would be soooo helpful…!
    It’s my plan to transcribe as much as possible of Vince Guaraldi’s piano solo on ‘manha de carnaval’… If I succeed, it would be my pleasure to send it to you if you are interested…
    Thanks in advance…
    All the best anyways !

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