Jazz quintet – demo recording

On february 8th 2016, me and my quintet featuring colleagues at the university college where I work, spent 2 1/2 hours for an instant demo recording session. The recording was made using my laptop and Cubase 8 Elements. My new Steinberg UR242 soundcard features 4 ins, of which we used 2 preamped ins for vocal and trumpet, whereas the double bass was recorded from the output of the bass amp and into one of two line inputs. The piano was recorded as MIDI data for later sonic upgrade to Native Instruments “New York” sampled grand piano. No drums were recorded, these were added later by entering ride and hihat by playing a keyboard triggering drum samples. The preliminary mix was quickly put together by running the tracks from Cubase through the Soniccore DSP system which was used to add reverb, compression and to adjust levels.

No rehearsals were made ahead of the recording and this was the first session since our previous gig on November 28th 2015.

Wenche Bruun Lien quintet are:
Wenche Bruun Lien (vocals)
Øystein Kvinge (piano)
Jostein Bøyum (trumpet)
Helge Haaland (bass)
TBA (drums)

Detour ahead (Ellis, Frigou, Carter)

Black coffee (Ella Fitzgerald)

Ø. Kvinge

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