Maiden Voyage meets Creamware Scope

Audio file: Maiden Voyage Scope

For the sake of reference I have added to the media library a recording I did in 2008 of Herbie Hancock’s Maiden Voyage. The clip was uploaded to the Creamware user community on PlanetZ, and my forum posting read:

“I came across a live CD with Herbie Hancock and his VSOP orchestra recorded live at the Newport festlval in 76. I really like his modal jazz tunes such ans Cantaloupe island and Maiden Voyage. My idea was to try to recreate the groove and attitude of Maiden Voyage only using Scope and Cubase. I ran my Yamaha S80 Rhodes through Interpole and used the Minimax to present the theme. The STS 4000 is used for drum samples and the Individual out function allow the snare drum to be processed by adding delay.”

Ø. Kvinge

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